old banner- from 1909 Canyon County FairThe Canyon County Fair is a mission of community. In its desire to create a facility which expresses the rich culture of the Canyon County heritage, the Fair will create a multipurpose complex focusing on education, family, and agriculture.

The Canyon County Fair began in 1887 in Caldwell, Idaho. After 20 years, the original site was sold and forty acres was bought between Chicago Avenue and the railroad tracks. The area’s ½ mile race track was used for the fair races and next to the opera house were buildings where animal and open class exhibits took place.

After a fire in 1916 and financial difficulties, there wasn’t a fair in the Canyon County till the 1930s. Since then, the fair was held in the Guard Armory, the Caldwell Park, and, finally, the O’Connor Field house, now known as the Caldwell Event Center. It has evolved a generous amount since 1887, but still holds the ideals of its existence.