Guest Services

Will Call

All will call tickets are available for pick up at the “Main A” Box Office window, located in front of Caldwell Night Rodeo grounds.

First Aid

First Aid is located in the Canyon County Paramedics tent on the northwest side of the grounds at the entrance to Simplot Stadium.  The station is staffed at all times with Canyon County Paramedics personnel.

Hand Washing Stations

Hand washing stations are located throughout the grounds for your convenience.

Lost & Found

Lost and found articles may be dropped off or recovered at the reception desk on the second floor of the Fair Building.  The telephone number is (208) 455-8500.


In compliance with Caldwell City Code 08-01-29, SMOKING PROHIBITED AT CALDWELL EVENTS CENTER: No person shall light, use, or smoke any cigarette, electronic cigarette, cigar, pipe, hookah, or other similar product, while at the following locations, commonly known collectively as the “Caldwell Events Center,” including the surrounding premises and parking lots associated with said locations:  Simplot Stadium, O’Connor Field House, the Canyon County Fairgrounds, the Caldwell Night Rodeo Arena, the Wolfe Field Baseball Stadium, Gabiola Field, or on any other publicly owned property located within the boundaries general defined as lying in the area bounded by 22nd Avenue to the northwest, Blaine Street to the southwest, Linden Street to the southeast, and the railroad tracks to the northeast.  The definition of the terms “electronic cigarette” shall be as set forth in Idaho Code § 39-5702.  A violation of this provision shall be an infraction, the penalty for which shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00), plus court costs.


Wheelchairs are available in O’Connor Field House.  Check-out of wheelchairs requires a valid form of identification.  Wheelchairs are available on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved in advance.


In order to make your visit to the Fair an enjoyable experience, we appreciate your compliance with our policies noted below.

The following items will not be allowed at the Canyon County Fair:

  • Possession of a weapon is prohibited except as otherwise permitted by law.
  • Bottles, cans or alcoholic beverages
  • Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, mopeds, etc.
  • Animals (except service or show animals)
  • Any item that is deemed by the Safety Inspection Staff and/or Fair management to be dangerous.

The following items are not allowed to be used at the Canyon County Fair:

  • Drones
  • Laser pens/pointers

Please do not bring these items to the Fair or you will be denied entry.  Items cannot be left at the gates for storage.  Items not permitted on the facility must be taken back to guests’ vehicles or put in the garbage receptacles.  Any illegal items including illegal drugs will be turned over to the Caldwell Police Department.

The following are not allowed:

  • Disruptive behavior or unlawful acts
  • Solicitation, distribution, or selling of product outside of a contracted booth
  • Scalping or re-sale of tickets

Please note:

  • Appropriate clothing and behavior is required.
  • Personal items brought onto the facilities may be subject to search
  • Entry constitutes consent for Canyon County Fair to use any film, video, or likeness of bearer for any purpose whatsoever without payment to bearer.

For additional information or questions, please email us at