Keith Sayers FMX Show

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This year, the Canyon County Fair is excited to present Keith Sayers and his FMX (freestyle motocross) team, who will be putting on three adrenaline-filled shows.

Keith Sayers’ passion for freestyle motocross began at a young age. When he was nine years old he purchased his first motorcycle for $10. This investment was the first domino to fall into what would become a successful career of touring with his FMX team, and dazzling fans across North America.

While each member of Keith’s squad is extremely talented and worth watching, there is one particular rider that we believe will really resonate with fans at the Canyon County Fair, and his name is Heath Frisby.

Heath is somewhat of a hometown hero, as he grew up in Middleton, Idaho before venturing out and pursuing a dream in snowmobile freestyle, where he has found much success. Heath has appeared in 11 X Games, across which he has won 11 medals. He is the first rider to land numerous tricks on a snowmobile, including the underflip, Tsunami backflip, Frisby Air, and more. Perhaps most impressive of all, Heath is the first and ONLY rider to land a frontflip on a snowmobile. His mission is to take the sport to a new level, with the next to-do on his list being to land the first double backflip on a snowmobile.

Be sure to attend the Keith Sayers FMX shows at the 2017 Canyon County Fair.

Shows are all on Sunday, July 30 located at Rodeo Arena.
Show times:
1:00 PM
4:00 PM
7:00 PM


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