Stealing Angels

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Stealing Angels

Caroline, Jennifer and Tayla began performing as individual singer/songwriters at the Tin Roof just off Music Row in Nashville, where many of the music industry’s VIP’s had the opportunity to hear them. It wasn’t long before they were backing each other and singing harmonies on each other’s songs. Soon there was a buzz about them within the music industry. “Jen called me three years ago during the Christmas holidays and said she thought we should try to be a trio, if Tayla wanted to be a part of it, and a duo if she didn’t,” Caroline recalls. “So I called Tayla and said ‘Jen and I are going to be a duo, are you in?’ She called me back in a few hours and said yes.” They immediately got together a group of songs and went to see producer Paul Worley, whom they had met while performing at the Tin Roof. Individually they had all taken songs to him, but nothing seemed to strike a chord. When Worley heard what they were doing as a trio that’s when the magic happened and they found themselves in the studio the very next day with the Grammy®‐winning producer. “We had each been talking to him individually for a year and he always said he was interested but he never followed through,” Jennifer says.

“When he said he wanted to take us in the studio the next day we were like, ‘Oh my gosh we finally did it, this is awesome!’” While they were recording tunes for the album, the trio also had to come up with a name that fit their personalities. Each of them contributed ideas but there was always one holdout who thought they could come up with something even better. “We had always thought of ourselves along the line of Charlie’s Angels because of the three girls thing,” Caroline says. “Our favorite song at the time was ‘Stealing Kisses,’ but we knew we couldn’t use that. One day we were on our way to a writing session and we came up with Band of Angels, but that didn’t quite fit either. Then, when we were in the studio one day Jenn blurts out ‘Stealing Angels,’ and we all knew that was it.” “It was the first time we all had agreed on something,” Jenn says, with Caroline adding, “We took a picture of ourselves pinky swearing that we would never change the name.”

The three became wholly dedicated to their music, moving in together so they could practice their harmonies and write songs around the clock. As they describe it, they were on top of each other all the time, but the hard work paid off. The album is filled with songs about the lives of the women in Stealing Angels. From the lead single, “Paper Heart,” which describes the fragile nature of love, to “Ladder,” which sings about climbing over barriers to make a relationship work, the tunes look at life from the perspective of three single women who are dedicated to their careers yet also yearn for lasting relationships. “I Want to be Married (Want to be Single Too)” is a song that captures the feelings of Caroline, Jennifer and Tayla, with its lyrics of wanting to have it all in a relationship. On the other side of that is “Girls Got Your Back,” a song that says men come and go but girlfriends stay with you through it all. Something Caroline, Jennifer and Tayla know well after five years together.

True‐life experiences yielded “You’ll Be Back,” about Tayla’s ex‐husband, and “Little Cloud,” Caroline’s moment of truth while visiting the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. “Oh Crazy Me” takes listeners to one crazy weekend in Jennifer’s life when she fell in and out of love within a few days. Again taking a cue from one of their famous relatives, Loretta, who went door to door introducing herself and her music to radio stations across the southeast, Tayla, Caroline and Jennifer are currently traveling cross country telling their story and performing their new single “Paper Heart” for radio programmers nationwide. Like the famous names who have gone before them, the girls in Stealing Angels are blazing new trails and crossing into new horizons as they take their music to the people.