July 25 - 28








Mission and Vision

Canyon County Fair’s mission is to be an inclusive celebration for the community, where your experience as a patron is paramount and where you are encouraged to “Find Your Fun.”

It is our vision to be the world’s greatest county fair.  Each year we provide a never-seen-before experience only offered on our fairgrounds.  We are proud of the longstanding presence we’ve had in Canyon County since 1887, and encourage patrons to join us in celebrating our rich heritage.


Hanging in the Canyon County Fair Office is an advertisement printed on burlap from 1909.  The font, design and readability are timeless.  In our desire to unify old and new, we have updated our logo using replica font from the 1909 fair advertisement.  The new logo lends that sense of timelessness, and pays respect to our longstanding existence through past, present and future.

Over the last 130 years our community has continued to grow and flourish.  As the community expands, we look carefully at who and what we are, where we’ve been and what we want to become.  We remain respectful of our traditions, our direction, and our culture.  We unify the new and old, we appreciate our history and seek to fulfill the needs of the future with an overall goal to celebrate the variety of talents, attractions, aims and interests within our community.